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Tips to Hang Your Holiday Lights Safely

Electrical Team  - Electrical Contracting Solutions Corp - NYC

Hanging holiday lights on your house can be a daunting task. Every homeowner aims to do it better than the other houses in the neighborhood. While there are many ways of hanging lights, you may always choose those that go well with your house’s construction. Before you call electricians to do the project, we recommend going through our vital tips to save time and effort when hanging holiday lights for Christmas and other occasions. Let’s get started.

How to Decorate Your House With Holiday Lights?

The following tips may come in handy for making the right selection when choosing holiday lights for your home.

Determine Your Need

Some homeowners rush through the buying process by picking the lights online and placing their orders. However, they neglect the measurement part. Measuring your house’s outer boundary can help you determine the optimal length you should get. You may account for each spot you need to be illuminated. Seeking help from an electrical contractor may ease the measurement process.

Sketch a Plan

Sometimes, your imagination of lighting does not turn out to be as expected. Since holidays can be busy, you might want to do it right. This is where sketching a lighting plan can help you. You can draw a diagram of your home to identify the lighting patterns. If doing it for the first time, you may seek an electrician’s help to determine the perfect light spacing.

Get Bulk Socket Lines

Socket lines are essential for illuminating your place. You can achieve a clean and decent lighting plan if they are placed in the right spots. Placing bulk orders can save you money. Plus, you can always add more socket lines based on your needs. We recommend calling electrical contractors to connect the socket lines to avoid technical issues.

Hang the Lights

Once you have everything prepared, you can proceed to the hanging part. Seeking help from a reputable electrical company, like ECS, can save you time and effort. They can hang the lights based on your preferences and connect them safely to the socket lines.

Electricians In New York, NY

The above tips may help you come up with a perfect lighting plan for your house. If you need professional assistance, Electrical Contracting Solutions can help you. Give us a call today to discuss your holiday lighting plan. We will handle everything, from planning to execution.


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