At 110 lumens per watt, SavWatt LED eco-lighting systems guarantee the highest LED output available.

SavWatt energy and cost saving solutions can be calculated for any municipal, industrial or commercial application. The economic benefits of the switching to SavWatt LED street lights is highly site-specific. We examine all factors to determine energy efficiency including thermal effects, electric demand (kW) and consumption (kWh) rates.

Our engineers will analyze current lighting expenditures and the cost of replacing traditional lighting with a Savwatt LED eco-lighting system. Our proposed solutions typically cut energy consumption by as much as 75% that result in an almost immediate return on investment. The saved resources can then be redirected into other areas of budgetary concern.


Accent & Mood Lighting
Agriculture Barn & Horse Arena Light Fixtures
Athletic & Sports Field Lighting
Auditorium Lighting
Billboard Lighting
Business Buildings & Office Lighting
Car Dealership Parking Lot Lighting
Car Dealership Service Area Lighting
Car Dealership Showroom Lighting
Commercial Fluorescent Retrofit Lighting Fixtures
Commercial Parking Lot Lighting
Court Lighting
Flagpole Lighting
Garden Lighting
Hallway Lighting
Highway Lighting
Mall Parking Lot Lighting
Manufacturing Plant Lighting
Outdoor Commercial Security Lighting
Parking Garage Lighting
Parking Lot Lighting
Parks & Recreation Lighting
Playground Lighting
Residential Home Lighting
Retail Store Lighting
Roadway Lighting
School Lighting
Shopping Center Lighting
Show Room Lighting
Street Lighting
Tennis Court Lighting
Walkway Lighting
Warehouse Lighting & HID Fixtures